Wanalog Tube

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A warm tube-based preamp sound in a Wanalog plugin. Bring the best analogue texture to your audio tracks and mixes, or add a subtle drive texture for your transients as part of your mastering audio chain.


This plugin recreates a classical tube based preamp. It will allow you to introduce ritch warm sound into your mixes. This preamp works very well on vocal tracks that need a bit of a warmer touch with a small amount of drive. It can also be cranked up and boosted using the gain in and drive controls in order to reproduce classic sixties distorsions for guitars or basses. It also can add a bit of grain and texture on strings or brass recordings for soul music and classic R&B.

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64 bits VST3
64 bits AU

Supported platforms

Windows 10, MacOs

2 reviews for Wanalog Tube

  1. Marcos

    Best overdrive for vocals I’ve ever worked with. That said, on a guitar track, if you drive it too much, it sounds a bit like a classical fuzz distortion, which is a sound I think I won’t be using a lot. Other than that, I recommend it to anyone looking for a very good tube-like sound for their mixes.

  2. Carlos

    Hands down, best tube simulation plugin I’ve ever used, and i’ve used many of them.

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