Transistor Destroyer

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This device provides a unique pre amplifier system for your DAW. The plugin transforms all quantified sampled information into a linear waveform that is then processed through a complex electronical circuit recreation that provides warm overdirve and transient distorsion to the noise signal.

It sounds like a classical analog preamplifier, and allows you to use boost-like mixing techniques as in most of the nicest classical recordings.

Recreation of a classical analogue mixing desk preamplifier that reacts to overdirve with a natural and rich sound.

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2 reviews for Transistor Destroyer

  1. Carlos (verified owner)

    Best sounding saturation I’ve used. It sounds great on snare and headroom on drums, and also I love the mild distorsion it can add to classic rock vocals.

  2. Sonic Mark (verified owner)

    I have to admit that sometimes it’s difficult to fine-tune some of the parameters, because of the wide range they provide. but overal sound quality is superb

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